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i have been informed that it is heterosexual awareness month

i would like to state that i am very aware of heterosexuals.  they appear to be everywhere, encroaching, always circling closer and closer, whispering ‘no homo’ and canonizing the male friendship as the only truly important relationship in media.  

they are out there, they are out there, and they are coming.  please be advised and take appropriate countermeasures.

"Thus, trigger warnings cannot be viewed in isolation. Rather, they are part of a larger complex of practices designed to de-privatize and collective healing. They came out of the recognition that we are not unaffected by the political and intellectual work that we do. These practices also recognized that the labor of healing has to be shared by all. Trigger warnings are one of many practices that insist that one does not have to be silent about one’s healing journey – that one’s healing can occupy public and collective spaces. And healing can only truly happen when we take collective responsibility for creating structures and practices that enable healing."

Andrea Smith, “Beyond the Pros and Cons of Trigger Warnings: Collectivizing Healing”

note that this is not how all people use trigger warnings (she gives examples of white students saying they are “triggered” to avoid having to hear about racism), and trigger warnings are not beyond co-optation. but she’s trying to shed light on how and why they arose.

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I feel like this is a major burn towards Jock Halberslam and I like that.

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Jason carrying Skookum the Samoyed over things he’s too scared to walk on, Part II  (Part I) Now including floating stairs, skinny bridges, and getting on and off the boat. 

Plus a bonus picture of old Skook getting carried off of the boat by my brother. Poor, sweet babies!


"you’ll stop liking someone just because they agreed with something transphobic?"



// ‘As Many Genders As There Are Flowers’ series, 2014 // Georgia Grace Gibson // 

oh. i love.





Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

This man is my hero. 

White people are the problem!


Godfrey Gao for Men’s Uno - May 2014

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Anonymous asked:
Hey there! As a trans guy (almost) living in Sydney who doesn't have the means to purchase things online, are there any physical stores in Sydney where I can purchase a binder? I just want to make sure this option is unavailable before I make my own because I'm not very confident in my abilities to create garments haha. Thanks in advance! Have a cool day

Hey hey ^_^!

Not that I know of, sadly. But there are some used binder programs that you might be able to look into - and you could also try posting on the ftm tag on tumblr (perhaps you can bank deposit if people want payment). There are defs other options you could look into prior to making your own.

Hope that helps!



what if spock was in charge of planning jim’s birthday party


"I was an ordinary person
who studied hard.

Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist, d. 1988 (via whats-out-there)



"You ask me if an ordinary person could ever get to be able to imagine these things like I imagine them. Of course! I was an ordinary person who studied hard. There are no miracle people. It happens they get interested in this thing and they learn all this stuff, but they’re just people. There’s no talent, no special ability to understand quantum mechanics, or to imagine electromagnetic fields, that comes without practice and reading and learning and study. I was not born understanding quantum mechanics — I still don’t understand quantum mechanics! I was born not knowing things were made out of atoms, and not being able to visualize, therefore, when I saw the bottle of milk that I was sucking, that it was a dynamic bunch of balls bouncing around. I had to learn that just like anybody else. So if you take an ordinary person who is willing to devote a great deal of time and work and thinking and mathematics, then he’s become a scientist!”


True of art, as well.

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